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Our Responsibility


Nature intrigues and impacts our thought and meaning each day. From influencing our movements on a skateboard to the conceptualization of our products, each process is guided by the natural world; we aim to celebrate and protect it the best we can. This is being... Conscious by Nature.

Our community

As a dedicated and driving force in skateboarding since 1992, Element has evolved to span the space between skateboarding, nature and culture. Our ethos of expanding consciousness and understanding through creative pursuits has built a community of multi-talented people from all walks of life, backgrounds, ethnicities and beliefs. 

Our people

Following our roots, Element is made up of a diverse group of skateboard and outdoor enthusiasts from around the globe and through that, we have built an inclusive community that represents our values and ambitions. Throughout the decades, Element has helped to create a diverse network of employees, riders and advocates to represent the brand regardless of their race, colour, religion or gender. With a workforce representing 55% men and 45% women in 2022, our workplace is constantly evolving and becoming more inclusive, balanced and representative of skateboarding today.

“Conscious by Nature” is Element’s initiative that encompasses all of the work we do as a brand to help with the betterment of our environment and our communities. Working in conjunction with experts and organisations around the world, we are continually participating in ways to help our planet and our people.

After all, it is not lost on us that skateboards are made from trees, this is a great place for us to start. We are conscious that it is a first step of many to come. A journey towards a more positive company. Our need to progress.

Our Products

Reducing our impact

Thread Lightly

The primary goal at Element is to create relevant, durable and quality products that respect the planet and its people. Through our products, we facilitate skaters, adventurers and creatives alike to live their passions without compromise.  

This is why with each season we continue to evolve, to reduce our impact and produce quality goods in a more thoughtful and efficient way, from idea to product. We have a path with clear checkpoints to aid us in producing goods that are more responsibly sourced* with each successive season. 

Responsibly Made*

Working with partners such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Oeko-tex 100, Global Recycle Standard (GRS), Leather Working Group (LGW) and Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) we are actively taking steps to reduce our ecological footprint.

By working with these respected third parties, our products that use their materials and services are held to a very high level of transparency and environmental standards. Additionally, we are using recycled cardboard tags and recycled/recyclable poly bags in our packaging practices. By utilising recycled woven labels, organic cotton, Polylana, (GRS Standard), Filature du Parc yarn (GRS Standard), Recover uno cotton (GRS Certificate), recycled polyester and recycled down we have created a base to further progress towards more responsibly sourced* products.

58% of the total Element product range is responsibly sourced*.

In 2023, 58% of our range is responsibly made*.

As our testing methods and understanding evolve, we become more aware and stringent with how we produce our goods. The more we understand our product, its origin and its makeup; the more we can reduce its overall impact on our environment. Check here with each season to follow our progress on this front. 


Our Objectives

The Road Ahead

Setting Goals

Skateboarding is our everything. Being close to nature is our culture. We are working each day towards becoming more responsibly active, contributing with our business and in our communities to the protection of the environment.

We are aware that we create products that are going to have an impact on the planet. Our skateboards are made from trees and our clothing is woven from cotton and synthetic materials. But it is through our efforts to reduce material usage, improve the quality and longevity our products and collaborate with expert partners we can reach our targeted objectives and continually lower our overall impact.

At Element, we have a clear plan to actively meet goals that will significantly improve our standards within the skateboarding and apparel industries, with the objective of becoming a more positive company as a whole.

Improving our Standards

The reduction of materials and product line elimination of PFCs (perfluorochemicals) and classical DWR (Durable Water Repellency) which persist in the environment, and an increased use of low impact dyes and recycled or organic materials will help our journey towards lessening our ecological impact come further into focus.

For 2023, 58% of our products are responsibly sourced*. The strategy that we have in place will see that number increase to 60% by 2024. Below are some of our brand objectives for the next few years that will effectively see Element reduce its environmental impact by 2024.

Objectives For 2024

Elimination of all PFCs in DWR coatings on our garments, as these harmful chemicals persist in the environment for long periods of time.

Increase the part of low impact materials and techniques on some product categories (as an example by maximising the use of Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester across our range).

Continue our partnership with Filature du Parc, using yarn produced to GRS standard (Global Recycle Standard).

Put in place an eco consumer survey.



48% of our range was responsibly sourced*.



58% of our range is responsibly sourced*.



60% of our range is responsibly sourced*.


Please feel free to follow the link to access the Boardriders CSR annual report, annual HIGG assessment and additional programmes (BEST Program, Code of conduct, Boardriders policies) we are working with.

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